Descriptive Ice Hockey

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Regardless of your skating ability, being on the ice rink can be enjoyable for everyone. I know for me, the ice rink became my home away from home.

As a skater, I was in a bittersweet relationship with the ice rink. Sometimes, waking up at six AM to practice would slowly wear me out before a big day of school. Although, I wasn’t personally a morning person, when I woke up before the morning sun; I would realize that there was nothing more delightful than the fresh, crisp air of the ice after the Zamboni resurfaces it.

Being on the ice made me feel as elegant as a cherry blossom swaying gently in the breeze. I would twirl and spin, losing track of all my thoughts. When I sped around the ice, I would create some wind that would lightly pain my cheeks a rosy red. Everywhere I went, I would draw out long designs. After a while, the layers of upon layers of jackets that I wore would be slowly peeled off and
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When in the right position, I would clench my thighs and ankles together as I accelerated into the air. As I landed, the cold would bring a stinging sensation into my nostrils and a gleaming smile on my face. There was nothing more satisfying than knowing that my coach

My coach would train me like crazy on where my arm and leg positioning should be. Training was intense, especially off ice sessions with my other coach who was Russian, nothing seemed to please him. This made it a whole lot nicer when the coach who trained me the most would train us in ballerina dance lessons. This training would be right after our hard training on the ice rink which only made us exhausted and in pain for the rest of the day.

When I skated I felt free, and knowing that if more people tried skating with family and friends, they too can find it really enjoyable. Being on the ice rink can create beautiful memories and even a few laughable