Descriptive Paper-A Cry Out for Help

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A Cry Out For Help

Ever think about how others may be living in another country? How they are getting by with as little to nothing every day? We live in a beautiful country that provides many opportunities for us. Tragedies are happening to unfortunate people all around the world. We don’t stop to think about how we can be a help to those who are suffering. Somewhere a man and a woman are helplessly making their way through the filth and debris that suggests to them they have nothing left to live for. A woman that is dressed in what seems to be her Sunday best, vivid white heels and tuxedo black skirt that comes to her knees with a sleeveless white blouse just asking to be soiled from all the muck. The smells of wretched defeat and smoke fills the airs immensely step after step. She holds onto the man’s hand tightly hoping to find a lost belonging that might have been carried away from their home during this disaster. Why did this disaster happen to these innocent people? All of their hard work is gone.
The man wearing a black and white striped shirt makes his way through scraps of metal, brick, and numerous amounts of trash. He guides the woman through the rubble hoping that they don’t fall into it and injure themselves in the process because of the broken glass, and nails cluttering the ground. With all of the debris, how will they ever be able to get to where they are going? Will they make it safely without worrying about something crashing down on the man and the woman?
Draped over a ledge from a store that once had many people came to, lies a torn and soiled sheet that was probably was once used for bedding. There were stained newspaper machines that were covered in dirt and grime sitting in the darkness of the store. Battered pillars held up that old store like it was a sand castle built at a beach on a warm summer day, just waiting to fall down from the crashing waves. Poles and thrown pieces of tree hung from the roof of the building just nearly bound to break and fall to the ground. Everywhere you looked was piled down with broken boards from houses nearby and pieces of dry wall that was ripped off.
To the right is a three-story apartment that looks as if it was about to crash down any second. The walls are splattered with grime and filth like a hog that has rolled in the mud all day. Power lines fell down onto rooftops. Remains of rubble and trash filled the streets so that you would have to climb on top of in order the…