Descriptive Roller Coasters

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The Ride of My Life

“I’m going to die!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping that the amusement park staff would immediately shut down the coaster to let me jump off, right before the big loop, my soon to be first loop. I despised roller coasters because of their unwanted acceleration of speed, their abrupt turns, and the feeling of fear that created in my very own gut after lunch, when I looked at the big roller coasters that either my dad and friend wanted to ride. Also my fear of heights most certainly did not welcome the roller coaster in big open arms. In other words, it didn’t help at all. However, my feelings for this mechanical torture chamber, completely transformed, with a help of a friend and the three season passes in my
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Seeing my friend’s eyes widen as the red and yellow car met the tip of the fall, I felt the ride suspending us hanging on the end of the drop for a few seconds to add thrill. My heart rate increased and then in a blink of an eye we went soaring down the track. The screams of the people on the ride made my ears ring as we dove farther down the red track. Air was blowing my hair back and drying my eyes as if someone was holding a hair dryer to them. Then the roller coaster made a hurling upside-down loop into a swift, sharp left turn causing my stomach to churn and making my head spin. As the coaster started to straighten out and slow down, my stomach settled down and I thought the ride was coming to an end but it was far from it. There was another straight ninety degree drop leading into a dark cave. With the air once again slamming against my face with my head shaking like a rattle that nauseous feeling in my stomach reappeared inside me. Pulling up from the steep drop, the coaster emerged from the darkness of the cave and swerved into a sharp right turn, skimming across a pool of water. Sprinkles of the cool water splashed against my face. Rising out of the pool of water, the coaster made a smooth right turn and before we knew it we were back at the starting