Descriptive Softball

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Nothing beats the feeling of the rough, braided seams on my fingers and in my hand or the rubbery, smooth feeling of my dented, scuffed Easton bat gliding through the air. Softball allows me to release my anger and stress while doing the one thing I am most confident in. Whether I am pitching, batting, fielding, or even sitting on the cold, metal bench the green, and brown diamond is my second home and the place where I can escape. With a softball in my hand I can forget all of the stress of this crazy life and just play the game to ease my mind. Where better to escape from this crazy life than in my own backyard where I learned to play the game. Surrounded by the bright green, fresh cut grass, and the towering trees my backyard was my own homemade diamond. As I roll the ball around in my hand the feelings of no pressure and home fill my mind and relax my whole body. Chlorine swirls through my nostrils faintly as the balls of sweat form and eventually begin to drip from …show more content…
The surrounding sounds are ones of which I could always hear. The smack of the ball crisply being thrown into a worn down, leather glove, or the ding of the yellow love of my life hitting right on the sweet spot of the lucky bat. There is always a faint mix of dirt and sweat resting in my mouth and all over my body. Always focused, my eyes are like lasers on the ball, and or the glove in all situations. Over and over the ball rolls over the dirt, then grass, and then dirt again until swiftly scooped up and the play is executed. This repetitiveness eases my mind. The repetition of the same movements makes my body calm and in complete control. After a while, my body knows no different, and softball has become second nature to my everyday life. As frustrating as a practice may be at times it is preparation for the real test of the game, game