Descriptive Writing About The Dragon

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The clouds covered the sky as quickly as a snake, slithering across the now fading blue sky. I watched them move over my lonely castle and cast a dark shadow over the land. It seemed right, it matched my dark mood. Ever since my friends had been hunted down by the humans, I had hid away and sat in this castle for hundreds of years, waiting for a human to come end me too. Tears formed under my turquoise eyes and the droplets glided down my face and dripped onto the cold stone floor. A lake formed under me and I halfheartedly sloshed the water around with my scaled tail. My head snapped up when I heard the door creak open from down the hallway.
The wind whispered through the trees surrounding the winding dirt path and chilled my numb fingers. I shivered as my hair whipped around my head like a tornado. I watched as a falcon soared gracefully across the fading
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I thought of this creature’s spirit sagging, and realized, he had no friend, but I had no dragon. The silver scales parted as the dragons face broke out in a wide grin. If you’ve never seen a dragon smile, it’s a sight to behold, well worth your while. A powerful alliance was formed that day as together we walked out of the castle and into the crisp night air. There was a twinkle in his eye as he offered his wings and we flew away. We took off into the endless night sky and the castle behind us waved goodbye. As we soared over the snow covered mountains and the forest down below I thought, never hesitate to dry a dragon’s tears. That day we both learned a lesson about boldness in fear, and we let it carry us up above the clouds and into the world beyond.