Descriptive Writing Waterfront

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Have you ever been to the beach before? Most people have and a lot cannot even remember the first time they went for they were too young to recall. Well I was not fortunate enough to see the beach until I was eighteen years old. I had all these images and visions of it my head but never actually seen it. Eventually I was given the opportunity to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the summer I graduated high school.. After seeing the beach for the first time in my life, it showed me that you have to see it with your own eyes before you can believe anything about it.
I started to run to the sea of gray ahead of me when I looked down and noticed it was becoming more of a challenge to run. My feet were sinking and dragging through the sand. It clumped up in between my toes
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I did not want to touch the water immediately; I wanted to savor the moment as you would savor a steak when a server sits it in front of you at a nice restaurant. That is when I realized I actually had no control over the situation as a wave came crashing into me putting me in knee-deep water. It was late in the year, so when the water hit me it was a frigid temperature. Something I was used to since I had only previously known ice-cold mountain water. I picked my feet up and started running for the other waves; stopping right in front of them to let them crash into my legs. I started cautiously wading into deeper waters as the waves got higher. I will never forget when ocean water got in my face and mouth for the first time. I knew it would taste of salt but I did not know that it would be so for lack of a better word, salty. It was as if someone had opened and poured a saltshaker into my mouth, something I was not expecting. As soon as I got a literal taste of the ocean, I made my way back to the beach only to be three hundred feet from where I went in. In just minutes time I learned more about the ocean than eighteen years of hearing about