Essay on Desert: Circulatory System and Body Adapts

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25 October 2013 Desert The body adapts in different ways. Whether it be your dying from heat stroke, or getting stabbed to death by a serial killer, or simply just hiking. In the section Desert the body and mind go under many different scenarios and when pushed to the extreme they reacted in many different ways. There are many different ways to adapt to the surroundings. In the desert physical adaptations are the most prevalent. Well the body is designed to withstain (as best as it can) homeostasis. Homeostasis regulates the body's internal temperature, so putting yourself in the DESERT, while you are RUNNING you may possibly overheat and could die if homeostasis is thrown off. “Humans are designed to endure heat far better than cold, but no one can withstand the prolonged exposure to a blazing sun and no one can live long without water. The desert; however, offers ample opportunity for lost travelers to try to survive both. Humans must fiercely protect their internal temperature….” When the body gets too hot the body’s salt concentration decreases at the same time the sweat quantity increases. All of this is possible because of the metabolism of the body in extreme heat and any other conditions where the temperature of the body needs to be kept a constant temperature. The blood vessels expand also known as dilation. The expansion of the blood vessels bring the surplus of heat to the exterior of the body. Here it can expand, causing the body to cool down faster. Timing is critical in this process and bringing it back down to the right temperature of 97°. The most the body’s temperature can alternate is four degrees before the internal organs, and just the