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1. Introduction

Though used for more than a decade, people have no idea where the term originates, nor is there a consistent definition for the digital divide. It is taken as the distinction between people who have rich information and those who don’t. It is believed that it is mainly caused by a divide of access and skills, and there are some factors can affect it.

2. The 1st and 2nd Digital Divide

2.1 Definition
Digital divide means that the gap exist that various developed and developing countries among those who are prepare to access to the instrument of data and telecommunications, moreover the awareness that supply access to, and that without such access or skills (Cullen 2002). A number of reports about digital divide pay close attention to first aspect concerning who can access the
Technology; however a lot of speech is absorbed in the second aspect of the skill to utilize the technology among that that can access. (Dewan & Riggins 2005)
2.2 Access
According to Belanger (2009) there is a significant side about some people are short of access of the internet in the digital divide. A number of reports think that difference of race, earning, age and literacy are vital predictors of access to science and technology. A report by Wang et al. (2009) found that the access among developing societies, this is the global divide (or universal divide). Secondly, the social divide cares about the gap between online information enough or not in every country. The last one that is democratic divides which reveal who do, and who cannot do when they want to utilize these resources. Otherwise Banister and Fischer (2010) agree with conventional thinking that access is the right or ability to submit to computer or utilize computer software, information that usually gathered in some area, such as school, library, home and community. Drori (2010) takes the view that access divide is an example of the digital divide which regards to high-tech. at the same time that composed as an access divide, the digital divide rapidly reached to be planned a big problem which is a global matter.
2.3 Skill
In addition, to a difference in access, in the world, there is a mass of people who cannot use internet successfully and effectively by their own skills, because of two skills divide: science and technological capacity and literacy. (Belanger 2009) According to Wang et al. (2009) diversity in various people’s online ability is so significant. Age is passively connected with a person’s level of online skill, and experience with science and technology that is rightly associated with internet skills. To be more specific, literacy skill, where many workers in company, business and technical job need skills as part of their profession and unemployed are revealed to have a lack of chances. (Cullen 2002) For example, Banister and Fischer (2010) found that country people have four literacy needs they are the skill of using instant message, media player, anti-virus, and online translation device (or software). Next, there are three data applications that are the capacity of scanning the internet (chatting room), national government websites, and online sharing websites. Another research utilize viewpoint to prove effect of computer usage in the work on variety in salary for diverse workers. More and more companies need Information Technology skills, the digital divide maintain as some are demanded to utilize science and technology in the workplace and for instance the requirements, the others don’t need to face. (Dewan & Riggins 2005)

3. Factors Affecting the Digital Divide

3.1 Income
Today, the internet has huge role in the spread of health information. The article, Disseminating health information in developing countries: the role of the internet, states that the internet has perfect interactivity, so large feedback and change the information of mould into useful knowledge on and on are allowed (Edejer,2000) However, because of the income