Design And Design: DAB (Design Art Brilliant?

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Name: DAB (Design Art Brilliant)

Type of project: Design print screen logo, Design new logo.

Team Member:

980053 Puttarapong Acosta
980495 RanweiFang Daniel


DAB is a young motivation quality group of art design base on Sydney Australia; we are creating a creative product all that can be design, speciallys of an illustration black and white colour. The project that we are creating about our DAB logo and design under a concept of Brilliant Artful, black white colour tone and primary colour is yellow, graffiti text funny style. The main issue of DAB logo is the meaning of word B, A so B instead that Brilliant and A instead that Artful which both statements have a similarly meaning Cleaver, Smart, bright. That is our group naming a logo we will design and the main aim for our concept everything is design. Production process we have to create a new logos to screen it on a T-shirt print it to business card, invoice, information form, poster and Apps logos for promote and advertise our group to let’s the audience widely know as DAB as everything is design.


The style of DAB logos creating the overall appearance of product is a simply text lettering combination with a graffiti text style creative alphabet to be noticeable of the people who has seen our logo. The output of our creative design work is just as several of text style outstanding desire as well as customized graphic design and illustration combination by text with light and ray light vintage illustration.

KEY DESIGN FEATURES Our key design Features is all about create text logo by 3 letters D, A, B with primary color is yellow, black, white, include illustration of light and vintage ray light vector, playful and vibrant logos mark to supporting active lifestyle.
A color palette that reference the smart design behind the logo



Our brand widely knows for Thai regular client in Australia.
The famous design project for about Hospitality commercial because our client they have their own business about Thai restaurant, so our designers are especially communicate to clients.
We can organize completely design from a small detail until a full systems and we have many designer that can support a project like (one stop service).


We will expansions group of client to China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnams, Malaysia, and Singapore, there are base on Australia.
We will make new market direction to Event, Concert, and Promote product campaign. Participate with other employment activity reliable company as government charity work or private sector for promotes our brand. Better interaction with stakeholder, supplier, manufacturer, technicians, will lead to expansion group of client.


Most overall market directions quite Asia likely but not international yet, because of our client and product. Most the client they already knows a famous designer in Australia that make difficulty for new designer like us.
We don’t have many products that relate with Australia government or large company in Australia that make a brand lack of reliable for new client.

The local region is densely populated with established companies, resulting in the customised-logo designing market without a dominant company or market leader.
Competition in the international market, especially in Asia, is high contested due to the fast-paced growth of technological advancements in the region.
Global economic crisis can adversely affect the local market because it will impact income per capita resulting in a dramatic reduction of disposable and discretionary income of the people.
National and international laws and regulations pertinent to environmental protection, including the use of nontoxic ink in digital printing services or the like.

Target Market/Intended Audience
DAB will target both Australian entities and