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Critical Analysis
Appropriateness of the
Design Solution
To promote the 2012 National year of Reading. Sculptural light is an original idea to attract teenagers back into the school library linking them to books, reading and literacy.
I am to able to promote and communicate my idea to a relevant audience. Students age 16-19 years of age)
To increase the percentage of non-readers and readers back to the library.(see 1.1.1)
Function and Aesthetics
The function of my product is purely to help create a stimulating environment for teenagers and to be encouragebd back to the library as there has been a huge decrease in attendance.

Recycling books in a new and innovative way using all the elements of design

To create texture through chosen materials-The patterns of the printed paper combined with the folded pages

Line and direction and rhthym- the flow of the eye around the light design combining angular with curvature shapes.

Shape, size to be considered, and the sculptural lights relation to the space it will inhabit.

Harmonic qualities when the repetition of the similar textures and patterns of the books
Effective research and communication will allow me to determine appropriate materials for manufacturing my product to ensure the function will be successful while maintaining the design brief.

I am able to produce a design where the texture adds interest, dimension and variety and the print adds a familiar connection.

Vertical shapes of the book edges give the illusion height and elegance.

Strong shapes with sharp edges give the viewer a feeling of confidence and power

These elements create symbols that relate to human emotion, which will inspire the student’s confidence and loyalty.
The choice of materials would be considered- sourcing as many recycled, unused and obsolete materials from libraries and old books.
The structure of the centre piece would require specialised engineer –labour costs
Project /display/promoting
The final design product comes close to $550 but this is a profitable investment into teenage literacy and
Surveys suggest the community also benifits from students becoming more literate by reading as it improves there job opportunities. Ergonomics
The student’s library being well designed arranged in an innovative and stimulating way. T develop a safe and productive work system by considering teenage factors To cater for students needs in both leisure and work. The book chandelier will help create a stimulating environment and a statement piece/message about reading.
Occupational Health and
Materials and tools- safety requirements used in handling