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Design Brief
Hungry? Get set for a heaping spoonful of festival food and fun
Mr. John Paul 20 Years ago put together this multicultural food festival his ideas were to keep all the minority people together and welcomed in a country like Australia since it isn’t their homeland. John hires different people from all over Australia with different nationalities who are keen on cooking a range of 4-6 different food varieties four or more of them must has a complex process. John has asked all food participants to prepare there dishes before the festival to show him the range of different varieties that will be made during the two nights and that's when he will choose which participant have presented the dish better and he has asked of them to prepare the dishes in front of him so that he knows all his participants are meeting the requirements that are ask of them. I can’t wait to offer up my scrumptious and unique food during the two day extravaganza.
Take your taste buds on a trip across the world at this year’s Multicultural Food Festival with more than 380 food and cultural stalls selling delicious delights and crafty creations from every corner of the globe. At this year’s event almost every region on earth will be represented, from Europe and the Middle East, to Asia and the Americas, I will be participating in making a few of the European and Middle Eastern foods, each person that has participated must Prepare two different dishes per night.…