Design Build and Testinf of a Patient Monitor Essay

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Faculty of Arts, Design & Technology

Project Title: Proposal for Design, Build and Testing of a Patient Monitor

By: Abdulaziz Saeed F Alghamdi

ID Number: 100142982

Module Code: 6EJ995

Programme: BEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Year: 2012/2013

Proposed Supervisor: Dr A Kharaz

Project Definition (Abstract)

The goal of this project is to design a low powered heart and body temperature monitor that will provide an accurate reading of ones heart rate and temperature. The monitor will be easy to use, portable, and affordable. It will measure the heart rate from an index finger using an LED and a photo-sensor to detect changes in blood flow in an index finger.

The heart rate and body temperature will be displayed on an lcd display for easy monitoring. The significance of the monitor is that it provides an inexpensive and accurate means of measuring one’s heart rate at his/her convenience.

The main Aims and objectives of this task are to: • Carry out a market research for r the available monitors • A literature review for the other designs carried out and methods used. • Circuit Design of the Detecting Circuit and software simulation(Detection Circuit) • Circuit design of the power supply for the monitoring display circuit(Monitoring and display) • Build of prototype • Produce a design that can be used at home or the office or any desired location. • Prototype interface and Testing • Interface prototype to Labview using correct VI Blocks • Analyses of simulated results • To make recommendation of improvement if any available. • To carry out the above task and to deliver them according to the detailed time scale below

Design Specifications:
The prototype will be designed according to the following Block diagram

• The optical transmitter and receiver will consist of an LED for the transmitter and a Photodiode for the Optical signal receiver. • Using the design described above the basis of design is to construct an efficient and affordable heart monitor. • A LED and photo-sensor will be used to measure the pulse by measuring the change in blood flow • Through one of the index fingers. • A filter will be designed to filter out any unwanted noise and interference from ambient light.
The main system blocks will comprise 1. Source circuit: Infrared Emitting Diode has been used in the power source circuit. The LED emits a wavelength of light below red in the colour spectrum. Infrared light is not visible to the human eye. 2. Detector: A silicon photodiode was used as a receiver to convert the infrared radiation to an electric current. 3. Amplifier: 4. Filter: a high-pass and low-pass filters has been used to remove the noise from the signal. 5. DAQ: a data acquisition card is used so we can view the signal and analyse it on LabView program. and an LCD to digitally display the test results
Project Outcomes: • A clear understanding of the different methods employed for rotational speed detection, control and monitoring. • To design and Build a working prototype • To try and replace optical sensing devices with Fibre Optic devices if time permits. • depth understanding of different methods and software available to assess and analysis designing building and testing of prototypes • Merging up of separately built developments to form one complete prototype. • On time completion, testing and validation of prototype

Project Plan: