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Design and produce documents in a business environment

There are many different types of documents that are used in a work place all with different uses.

Business cards - these are used to hand out to customers with contact details on.
Fax documents - This is used to send information fast such as sending orders to manufactures. These are usually hand written and in black and white.
Spreadsheets - These are used daily and are store on a computer. Some uses of these are for monitoring stock or even keeping track of peoples holiday days.
Letters - Can be used in a formal or informal way. There are many different uses of sending letters and is another way of communicating with clients or suppliers.
Invoices- Producing invoices on computers this can give a more professional look for the company and can also be stored in a proper way allowing for faster searching of orders if needed at a later date.

There are many different formats to save data such as .doc ,PDF or .RTF.

A PDF is used when a final copy of a document is made that can not be edited. This is ideally used when sending out invoices so that they cannot be changed. How ever there is some exceptions some PDF files have text boxers where anyone can enter data into it. Only data in a text box can be edited all the rest of the document can not be edited.

You can change the way that that data is saved from a .doc to a PDF. Most word processors have there own way of saving data and may need to be converted so it can be used on a different machine or a computer that is running an older or new version of a processor. It is very easy to convert and this can normally be done when saving a document and normally a list of formats that it can be saved under is on a drop down box.

Its is always important to produce high quality documents as this represents the company and a high quality document that shows a bit of care and attention will always come across to the customer in a positive way. Good quality documents that are easy to read and is kind on the eyes will attract customers and suppliers. This will in return help increase profits and get more people into the showroom. Creating a high quality document will also reflect well on me and show off some of my design work.

There are a number of different resources that are used to produce high quality and attractive documents these include

For creating
A good suitable software such as Microsoft word or Adobe Photoshop.
A high quality printer for the print outs.
A good scanner so documents can be kept in original form.
Photocopier that creates clean copies at a high standard.
Sized pictures that are not over stretched and distorted
Easy to read font that everyone can read at a respectable size.

Ways that can enhance the documents include using glossy paper, high quality ink and using the correct software to get the best result possible.

There are different types of ways of inputting, formatting and editing data. The things needed for this is computer, correct word processing software, printer and scanner.

The main way of entering data is through a keyboard whether this is wired or wireless. Technology however is advancing every day and know it is moving into touch screens such as apple ipads. They all carry the same concept of touching either a screen or a keyboard. This then enters the character into the software for example writing text into Microsoft word.
Another way of putting data onto a computer is through a scanner. This is mainly used for scanning images or hand written documents onto the computer. The file format for this is normally a JPEG or depending where it is saved to it maybe a PDF.

There are many different types software that can be used for editing or formatting data depending on the look that you are going for. If you are looking for a simple word processor then note pad is software be . For something a bit more complex with a higher variety of fonts and style then Microsoft word