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Anteneh Abebe
Design Proposal of Dog house
August 24,2014

1. Problem Description
The house will be built enough to fit its occupant, which is a 70 lbs. dog. It would not hot in summer and not cold in winter. It accommodates an average temperature of metro Atlanta area, which ranges between 30 to 98 Fahrenheit. The available budget is only $210.00.
2. Technical Review
This design of house is limited to the customer’s specification. I use all in wood except the roof that will be metal. There is no sign of current market problem on availability of material.
3. Design Requirements
The design requires several things including size of the dog, suitability for different seasons of weather, match with the back yard and owner’s house, being a Lego house since it is owners favorite house. And, the main constraint is the cost of the house which can not exceed $210.00
4. Design Description
The house has one door, which can be opened and closed automatically with movement of the dog, and the door stays open while the dog is out side and opened when the dog is out side of its house. It has five small windows one on every side of the house to facilitate flow of air in the house continuously. It is relatively small that can be easily movable to other place. The size of the house is 36-inch length 23-inch width and 27 inch height.
5. Alternative Design(s)
With the same quality and standard there is an alternative that is a fixed and could not be movable.
6. General