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1 – Performance
Each drawer features a load capacity of up to 4kg
Must be ergonomic
Must have adjustable foot rest
Computer tower must be fitted under the top
Must have sliding keyboard shelf for the keyboard and mouse
Must be able to withstand up to 30kg weight
Must be easy to self-assembly
Includes simple self-assembly instructions for easy construction
Computer VDU to be fitted rear of the desk top
Drawing reference area for A3 paper is to be on the desk top and tilted at app. 15 degree

2 – Environment
Resistant to adverse weather (to be able to withstand all weather condition hot/cold)
Resilient surface able to be wiped clean with mild detergents
Must be scratch resistant
Dust and scrabbles to be easily cleaned
To be able to withstand vandalism
Should not be damaged by temperature -5 degree to 50 degree
3 - Life in Service
Must be at least 5 year, if possible 7-8year would be preferred
4 – Maintenance
Must be easily maintained (preferably doable by owners/users)
Screws and bolt to be complied by British standard
5- Target product cost
The cost of budget to be kept to its minimum if needed
6 – Competition
7 – Packing
Packed flat
Need to be able to withstand corrosion when transporting
8 – Shipping and transport
ISO containers to be used to carry the packages
Transport to be done by road or rail
9 – Quantity
10 - Manufacturing facility
11 - Size
12 - Weight
The weight must be kept to minimum
13 – Aesthetics
All visible surfaces must be finished in walnut effect veneer
14 – Material
Screws and bolts must be water resistant
15 - Product life span
Life span of 5-10 years
16 - Health and safety
Must have round edges
Constructed to relevant safety standard
One of the biggest, if not the biggest reason why products are failing to make it into the market is a poor designing process.When a client requests a product for a company to design and manufacture for them, the company’s designer needs to communicate with the client to ensure that they know what is being requested, make suggestions, and generally make a successful product to be put on the market for selling. The design process has a huge impact on the final outcome, which is the reason why it will play an important role in whether the product will be a success or not. By targeting the audience requirement in account, it increases the chance of succession of the product.
The design process starts with a design brief. During these stages, the company may use surveys and questionnaires to communicate with members of the targeted audience to understand what would make them want to buy a product, and what they would want it to be able to do. There are two different categories to take into account when identifying the customer’s needs: articulated and latent needs. Articulated needs include the most important factors that the product must meet, whereas latent needs are features that the customer may not realise they could need until they actually have that option in front of them, whereas latent needs would include potential features but not visible. When designing a product the company would also have to think about, who they will target. Choosing the right target audience can therefore be the difference between succession and failure for a product.
One of, if not the most important parts of the design process is the technical specification. A technical specification contains all the specific robust details that the product must conform to, and can therefore be used as a guide for when the product is being…