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Design technology

Blair Brookes

School Utility Belt

Very Late

Criteria for success



Natural Fibre Stipulation

Modern Appeal


The Design Brief

Using only mainly natural fibre/minerals make an item that is fashionable, durable and functional to aid the transition of year 6-7...
The finished prototype is to be a suitable of selling quality, to represent the finished product on the shelf.
The completed souvenir is to be submitted along with a bound and printed folio on or before 9.oo on whatever day it was.
The souvenir is to have a small printed label attached with the name of the designer and the listing items used in construction.
The label is to have a suggested retail price, e.g., RRP $24.95.

Criteria to Evaluate Success

It must be visually appealing, with the perfect mix of style and sensibility, for use to be a part of a school ensemble. The product must also not become too visually over bearing, as it would become a figure of competition.

Not only for holding up ones trousers, but to hold everything else may a student need in day to day activities at Albury High School. This covers everything from pens to a small map to time tables to a mobile phone.

Natural Fibres Stipulation
The major component should be some kind of natural fibre, e.g. leather, cotton or wool. If there are less than 50% of the total components non natural fibres then it is deemed inapplicable.

Modern Appeal
To appeal to the modern audience of teenagers you have to keep up with modern trends. Coping of superheros/villains, for example can increase merchandise exponentially. Even if the item is similar this can lead to sales.

The item should be able to withstand the abuse of negligent owners, so water proofing, drop resistance and tear resistance is a must. It needs to last over 200 days of abuse a year.

Time plan

Initial Time Plan

I’m embarrassed of my performance for this task, as lack of organisational skill has me handing it in at least four weeks late.

I had finished the belt in the first 4 weeks, but the task of sitting at the computer and finishing the portfolio was the difficult task

I was extremely unorganised and lacked motivation for the task. Because of this I had an “I’ll do it later” attitude.

Any changes I would have made would be to have brought my laptop to school so I could finish off the folio at school rather than at home.

Actual Time Plan

Action Plan

1st week
As this is the initial design period, I designate it to be to find three possible solutions to solve the problem, research their construction possibilities and choose the intended design.

Evaluation: Spent a lot of time stuffing around and talking to people, but I finished some basic sketches of possible solutions, i.e. not pad and wallet/ and the belt

2nd week
Finalise the design and start the construction phase, i.e. sketching and calling up Frank Reynolds to help construct the belt

Evaluation: did exactly as said in the evaluation. Start portfolio

3rd week
Waiting on Frank to call back. Start portfolio Evaluation: Frank Called, able to the belt next week. Didn’t do portfolio

4th week
Make the Belt. Start Portfolio

Evaluation: finished the belt, hasn’t done the port folio

5th week
Finish Port Folio

Evaluation: didn’t

6th week
Finish Port Folio

Evaluation: didn’t

7th week
Finish Port Folio

Evaluation: didn’t

8th week
Finish Port Folio

Evaluation: didn’t

Research and Development


1. If you could have a utility belt do you think your start to high school would be better?


2. If this belt was hidden would you be more comfortable wearing it?


3. In major traffic jams during period swaps do you think an implement such as a baton will speed your progress throughout the school?


4. Has there been an incident