Design a Classroom Essay

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My early childhood program will be setup to meet the children’s developmental needs. It makes them feel safe and comfortable and that they belong. The classroom will be organized into interest areas, such as blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, housekeeping, sand and water, and music and movement. These areas give children the opportunities to explore, discover, and grow. In the interest areas, the arrangement of furniture and the materials involves children not only in learning but also in caring for the classroom and the materials or equipment. I want to setup a classroom that is safe, attractive, comfortable, and well designed that helps children engage in the interest areas or activities that is offer in the classroom. The goal for this type of environment can support the educator’s objectives for the children and free her to observe and intervene with them in a positive way.
The first factor I would consider when setting up my facility is making sure everything is Developmentally Appropriate Practice for age group such as furniture, materials, curriculum, etc., to support the children growth development. By setting up Developmentally Appropriate Practice classroom environment helps educators to teach in ways that match the way children develop and learn. Using Developmentally Appropriate Practice in your facility provides children with opportunities to learn and practice newly acquired skills. It offers challenges just beyond the level of their present mastery and it takes place “in the context of a community where children are safe and valued, where their physical needs are met, and where they feel psychologically secure” (Bredekamp & Copple, 1997, pp. 14-15).
Space is another important factor to consider when setting up your facility. Children, especially toddlers, need that extra space to explore, experiment, and discover their own interests. Interest areas need to be divided to accommodate a few children at a time, such as small-group setting so they feel comfortable and play more positively than in larger-group setting. My facility will have enough space for children to be free to explore their imagination and room dividers will be low so that all areas are visible to the educators. The educators will always be able to make eye contact with all the children.
The furniture will be age appropriateness so the children will be able to reach materials on the shelf in interest areas to promote independent. All furniture will be at eye level of the children, such as tables, chairs, cubbies, sand & water table, etc. The tables and chairs will be moveable so this will allow variety of activities and the children will have area rugs on the floor where they can work comfortable. There will be no educator’s desk and no front of the room as a focal point of attention because the stimulation for learning comes from the total environment. The facility will also be setup to accommodate disable children or parents, such as doorway, bathroom, computers, etc. Teachers will have a secure closet to store their belongings away from the children.
Interest areas will have materials that are attractive and inviting to children culture and their everyday surrounding. Whatever theme going on that week, each interest areas will have an activity plan for that particular theme. Children work will be display through out the room for parents to see their children’s creativity. The library area will be in a cozy, quiet corner with natural lighting for children to read comfortable. It also will have over-sized body pillow, such as a caterpillar, child sized slouch chairs, and a book rack to displays the cover of the book. All containers will be labeled with words and