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SUBWAY® Central Region Entry Pack

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Create and market a winning SUB using the theme


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An opportunity for students to take part in a real-life business challenge with the SUBWAY® brand
The SUBWAY® brand is challenging students to design and market a BRAND NEW SUB.
The Design a Sub Challenge is an innovative competition celebrating the fresh thinking and entrepreneurial acumen of young people. The competition has been running successfully for over five years in areas across the
UK and gives pupils a fantastic real life case study and opportunity to put their business, marketing and creative skills to the test.
This year the SUBWAY® brand is asking students to come up with the design and marketing campaign for a
NEW SUBWAY® Sub based on the theme of #heartfeltsubs.
The task is designed to provide students with a real-life case study example to which they can apply their learning and support the National Curriculum for Business Studies and PSHE. It also encourages initiative and collaboration, whilst developing team building, research and presentation skills.
Last year the competition in the Anglia region was won by Chelmer Valley High School in Chelmsford, Essex. The team came up with ‘The Beauty and The Feast’ which went on sale in SUBWAY® stores for a month in February
2013. In a unique concept developed by the team, customers were able to pick between one of two Subs
– The Beauty or The Feast. The Beauty offered a saintly healthy option where as The Feast was a more meat filled indulgent choice. The Subs were a great success, paying testament to the pupils’ business knowledge and design skills (turn to the end of the document to see a case study of the winning 2012 project).
As part of the challenge, students whose entries are shortlisted will be asked to pitch their business plan to a panel of entrepreneurs who own and run SUBWAY® stores. The winning business plan and Sub will be put to the test as elements of the students’ proposals are used to market the new product when it goes on sale in
SUBWAY® stores across the Central region for a limited time.
SUBWAY® stores are individually owned and operated by independent franchisees who pride themselves on being active members of their communities. The project forms part of the brand’s continued commitment to
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

See over for more details on how to enter

©2013 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

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Create and market a winning SUBWAY® Sub based on the theme #heartfeltsubs
• Draft a presentation and supporting materials to explain how you would create and market a new 6-inch Sub, using existing SUBWAY® brand ingredients, tying in with the theme of #heartfeltsubs
• We suggest you work in teams of four or five, but teams with more or fewer pupils will be accepted
• The Sub must link to the SUBWAY® brand’s nutritional leadership and healthy credentials (find out more in the Considerations when designing your Sub section)
• Why not visit a SUBWAY® store for inspiration – to find your local store visit
• We suggest you draft the presentation in PowerPoint format with supporting materials incorporated or added on
• All entries should be emailed to
• Colleges and schools may have more than one team
• Please also send a hard copy of your final presentation along with the completed entry form at the back of this document to:

The SUBWAY® Brand’s Design-a-Sub Challenge 2013 (Central Region) McKenna Townsend, Bridge House, Pullman Business Park