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1. How was the research methodology determined?
The research methodology was determined by conducting a four-step process. First, qualitative research is conducted along with target consumers to understand their behaviors and needs (A&U). Second, develop and then gain reactions to different ideas (demographic considerations). Third, refine all new learning into actual concepts and have consumers prioritize and improve them (behavior considerations). Fourth, concepts undergo monadic and purchase intent scores are observed (geographic considerations). 2. What were the research results?
The sausage consumers were broken down into Heavy, Medium, and Light users. Heavy users purchased once every week during fall and winter months and once every two weeks in the spring and summer months, whereas Light users purchased at least once every six weeks with same variations to heavy users. Each consumer group agreed that Italian sausage made their lives easier; both their husbands and children enjoyed. Ninety-three percent of respondents did the cooking compared to seven percent, and that cooking was done for evening meals. Italian sausage is considered to be a great “meal maker” and that if there were Italian sausage in the refrigerator the users felt they always “had a quick meal in the house.” As for the Vivio brand, loyalists and competitive users considered the sausage to be exceptionally high quality, good color, above-average ratio of solids to fats, and great taste and texture. Respondents also took part in a brand name survey. They were given 20 brand names and “Vivio” ranked seventh. “Saxonville Italian Sausage” did not receive many votes but consumers knew of them by its…