Designing The Billing Office Of Your Future

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I can take blueprint instructions, and layout all the cabling like a giant networking robot, a networking robot that has already installed in your mind, connections to 2 workstations, and 2 other desks for employees that have laptops that can come and go at will, and a main server that will support 3 users at all times. I am a networking architectural consultant of today and tomorrow , I have worked in the cabling and networking industry from the ground-up, through my performance as a network cabling installer laying out simple and complex backbone networks like the (star topology, mesh-topology, and bus topologies) to the present date. It managers of the past and present have realized that I am that potential that they needed to get the job done right. I will take into account the budget in addressing the following questions that you have proposed to me; to give to you the billing office of your dreams. (Network topologies, bus, ring, and star and other topologies by Brad Mitchell.)
The nice thing about your home business office location within your home neighborhood is the fact that everyone in the neighborhood that I have talked to would like to have a local internet service provider come in and offer them services as well. This would reduce the cost factor once again, and local internet service provider century link would be able to run all the necessary underground cabling to each individual home location at no cost, because they would make the money back on the monthly re-occurring charges of 150.00 plus each one of your neighbors will be paying a monthly service fee. The thing to keep in mind is that Century Link has all the building requirements to install the fiber cabling to provide the necessary services needed for your billing office, and the services that your neighbors need as well, they will accomplish the setup of the backbone for you at no setup costs. The Century link installers will run the fiber optic cables into the termination box, and then run Ethernet cabling to the demarc location to your home, The Ethernet cable then will be extended internally inside the home location and terminated at Century link business class wireless modem. (Century link technical publication, grounding- central office and remote electronic equipment environments, 77355 Printed in U.S.A. Issue H All Rights Reserved June 2012, Building ground requirements, chapter 3, 3.3.2 Exterior Ground Wire, 3-13.)
The reoccurring cost for the monthly access would be a 150.00 for a small medium business class set up. The desk architectural layout for the workstations would be a physical star topology, with a wireless options package that four workstations could connect via Wi-Fi, and the main HP ProLiant ML110 G7 server plugged into the Ethernet port of the modem provided by century link. The Hp ProLiant server will run Microsoft small business server 2011 operating system software platform on the windows 7 professional operating system, this will offer share point or file sharing benefits plus remote access for your employee two Hp Pavilion laptops as well. Each one of the Hp laptops will include a built-in Wi-Fi card. (Hewlett Packard Pavilion 11.6" dm1-4310nr Notebook PC and HP 1000 Printer Bundle - Includes laptop and PI HP DJ 1000 Printer J110a, 449.00) One of the other benefits of the Microsoft small business operating system software would include standard corporate enterprise email; as well you will get the benefit of combined anti-virus, and network safety wide fortification. (Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard by Microsoft, 730.98.)
The wireless star topology that will use the Wi-Fi 802.11 infrastructure access point, reclaims or reprocesses the wireless star topology that is typically used by a 10-baseT , and it reacts faster that earlier descriptions of Ethernet that integrate a hub or a switch.
(Wireless Network Logical Topologies 12:00 AM - November 2, 2011 by Don Woligroski.) The first two desktop Hp