Designing a Reward System Essay

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Designing A Reward System

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A good manager or supervisor will implement a reward system. Employee award systems are used for motivation to ones employees, with the goal being not to just meet expectations but to exceed them performing at their best capabilities. This system includes all benefits monetary and non-monetary that proves to be worth something to the employee. Implementing a reward system for a human services organization will help ensure basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed, and empoyees are treated as individuals. I will include intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in my system. “A suitable reward systems is essential to ensuring that an
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It is important that I have a mutual respect with them so that I would not have to constantly monitor their work. Employees must meet minimum expectations as well as exceed them in order to receive some rewards. I expect for my employees to simply perfom the best they can as well as do all things that are required of them. Intrinisic is moreso inner work related while extrinsic really doesn't effect the work. Intrinsic motivation is prompted by things such as achievement, advancement, responsibility, and personal goals. Extrinsic motivation is based on factors such as wages, job security, relationships, and working conditions. Extrinsic rewards aren't as motivating as intrinsic rewards but instead serve really as a pacifier for employees. However, both motivation techniques are centered around icentives that page 3 either motivate the employee to work harder or make the grief of the job worthwhile. As a manager or supervisor I will simply tell my employees ever so often when I feel like they are doing are performing well. This type of reinteration is healthy for the relationship between supervisor and employee also keeping the lines of communocation open establishing trust. Some examples of how I would incorporate intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are pay increases, promotions, employee of the month, more responsibility, and keeping a structured organization. Intrinsic motivation appeals to the employees who have goals to