Desire and Determination Essay

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Determination and Desire
Emigrating from India at the age of nineteen was an adventure. At the same time, my family was aware that there would be challenges when we arrived in the United States, the new world. The different culture, education methods, and environment around us were challenging. Now, all these changes have benefited me and prepared me to face all the challenges involved with accomplishing my childhood goal of being a successful business professional.
My father’s approach to his business has been my inspiration. During high school, it was my fortune to spend my spare time going with him on his business trips as a land developer in private and government sectors. His answers to my questions made business concepts concrete. I was always interested in analyzing and improving business with innovative strategies. Suddenly, immigration to the new world had changed my circumstances, but not my goal. In fact, my desire evolved into a greater goal of leading a corporation. After arriving in the United States, I worked in a Dunkin Donuts to help my family. While there, I learned how businesses operate in the new world. In Addition to that, I am forming a Commerce Group at Volunteer State Community College. This combined experience has shown me how economy works in the new world. My determination became stronger when I had an opportunity to know myself even better. As a part of psychology class, I took a personality test. The test revealed that I am a person who is interested in a wide variety of fields. The test proved to be accurate. Other than business, I am curious to know how machines work and how molecules react. Also, I am able to solve business problems with mathematical approaches. These abilities have prepared and motivated me