Desiree's Baby

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However, since Armand Arugnby could not bear to physically hurt the family, the only other option was to release it to the defenseless slaves to help alleviate the built up anger. “And the very spirit of Satan seemed suddenly to take hold of him in his dealings with the slaves” (Chopin 3). Unlike before, Armand Arugnby became a harsh slave owner, as the anger he was letting out towards the slaves was due to more of a personal reason. Respect can be forgotton from many people, so A A wants to remind his slaves who was in charge. Sadly, the fast acceptance to this could only be done by A A unseemingly beating the slaves. First being happy when the baby is born, a sudden animal soon releases once the unwanted truth begins to unfold. “Thomas Jefferson …show more content…
The main two ideas that relates with the short story, “Desiree’s Baby” are that racism destroys a perfectly humane judgment. As payback, Armand Aubigny’s evil way of thinking murders both the accused and accuser. First thinking that the baby looks just like any other white baby, Desiree is overly excited to show her creation to her mother. “‘Yes, the child has grown, has changed,’ said Madame Valmonde... ‘What does Armand say?’” A few weeks old at this time, right away Madame Valmonde notices something off about the baby’s color, and knows that the A A will have a problem with it. Juggling between true love and pride, ArmandA is lost, but regrettably chooses pride. With the mindset of this time period’s racial prejudice and psychological confusion, Armand Arugby’s main sources of his cruelty, has to turn from Désirée and the new baby. Although in current time, people would have gone with love, racism is a powerful sickness in this time period, and extremely hard to get rid of. Only, Desiree could not accept that her true love, Armand Arugny did not love her and the new baby any longer, just because of the accusation of them obtaining African blood. Desiree’s letter to her mother quickly asks about the accusation that she is actually black, and she also states that she would die from unhappiness if it all