Desiree's Case Summary

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Officer Summary:..

On Wednesday, February 28th, at approximately 7:10a.m., I was dispatched to investigate a disturbance at 1957 South Independence St. As I arrived on scene, both parties involved were separated and the yelling had stopped.

Victim Summary: The victim, Desiree Castelli, was sitting in the living room where she began to tell me what had occurred. She said that everyone in the family was arguing when her mother, Michelle Friend, approached her, cussed and screaming. Desiree got up into Michelle's face and began screaming back. Michelle shoved Desiree back out of the way, then ran into the living room and grabbed a knife from the TV stand drawer. Michelle stepped towards Desiree, pointing the knife at her, while continuing to yell. Desiree's sister, Angela Castelli, started to yell at the Defendant in defense of Desiree.

Victim's Condition: Injuries: No visible or apparent injuries to the victim at this time.

Medical Treatment: the victim did not request medical treatment.
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Angela said, "My two parents, sister, and me were all arguing before it got physical." She said, when they were in the hallway, Desiree got into Michelle's face and Michelle yelled, "get out of my face." She said with one hand Michelle punched Desiree in the chest and then pushed Desiree, causing her to stumble into "me". Angela grabbed onto Desiree to hold her back from getting in Michelle's face. Michelle ran into the living room and grabbed a knife out of the TV stand and pointed it at Desiree. She continued to point the knife, while Angela held Desiree back. They continued to argue and yell until the police