Desmond Tutu and Small Kid Essay

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The Day that Changed Everything In the 1990’s fear plagued the political world. Nations were emotionally unstable, each accusing others of covertly acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Thus, nuclear espionage was on the rise. It remained invisible from the public eye, but eventually held the world captive. In 1999, the business of spying for nuclear weapons was still existent, which made countries scared that it would affect the future generations, but for two Indian parents, that never mattered. This was because at the stroke of noon, a small kid with black hair and black eyes was delivered and it permanently changed the lives of three people forever. As Desmond Tutu once said, “You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.” I was born in the small town of Maywood, Illinois during the spring of 1999 at the Loyola Medical Hospital. My parents, Venu and Jalaja Piska, were the happiest people on the planet. They were happy for two main reasons: one, they had another son and second, because the twelve plus hours they spent in the emergency room was finally over. The doctor in charge of my delivery Dr. McClintac added to the happy faces in the room until I urinated all over him, and thus I began my everlasting legacy of mischief. In the waiting room were my grandparents. When they first held me, they said, “What a small kid, we need to feed him.” Although I did not know it at first, there was one more person waiting for me at home…my