Essay about Desrive How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations

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The main reason I have chosen to do Business at University is due to the high level of experience I have in this subject. I find this area really fascinating as my father owns a business as well, in which I have high interests in. I am currently doing business at college, from which I was inspired to continue studying this subject at university.
I know that competition is getting fierce out there, hence I believe that in the coming future, businesses will look to employ more workers that are more skilled and trained in this sector and I have also got a really sharp and creative business mind, hence giving me an edge over others for my future career. I would like to be associated with a business such as Audi in the future with a job in the marketing/management department due to the passion I have of cars and the subject itself, business. I am currently employed at McDonalds where I work 20-22 hours on average a week, as part of a growing business. Back in year 10 at HCC, I did work experience for 2 weeks at De Mont Fort Works where I gained valuable experience. During the course of this period I and my co-workers travelled to Nottingham for 2 weeks, where I learned how challenging life can be. After I completed my work experience I received a lot of praise from the head of the group and was told how hardworking and enthusiastic I am.
Have learned that life is like a ladder, the higher u climb the more risk of u falling own although the rewards are as great when you get to the top. This motivates me to never stop working hard, no matter how many times I slip and fall. Life is what u make of it, my future is in my hands and I certainly know what I’m aiming for and what my aim is. My parents have got high hope of me and expect me to achieve great success in the future, due to what I have already gained in such a short life time so far.
A fresh and energetic mind helps to accomplish several tasks successfully. I loved going to the gym however had to stop in order to