Essay about Destiny and Fate

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Throughout our lives we are faced with roads rarely understood. As nature takes its course we are put up against world of fate. Fate is the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events. No matter how much we attempt to look past fate, it will never flee. Within the past few months I have been preparing for the future. Through endless hours of college prep work, I was determined to attend the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As I finished up my Act, applications, and admission I was finally ready to get my application in. The University is currently divided into seven undergraduate schools, and I chose to apply to the Carlson School of Management. The Carlson School of Management is on a high pedestal among business schools in the nation. The choice was difficult, but I was confident with my decision. I waited for months on end until my letter finally came in the mail. As I gently revealed the letter I felt an intense vibe. I carefully read past the first paragraph only to find a placing on a wait list. I was devastated and felt like a failure. Although I had not been accepted, I knew I was about to head down an unexpected road that is out of my control. With thousands of other college opportunities, I am forced to narrow my decision to one path. No matter how hard I prepare, the feeling of fate is always creeping around. According to the Independents’ newspaper article on what beholds Egypt’s future, “the military is under complete control of the destiny of the country.” (Rajan) This article only fits along with my theme, due to the unknowing expectations lying before us whether it will be positive or negative. Another article inquired, was about a man who has worn his grandpa’s wedding ring for many special reasons, the most important being love. But within the article he quotes “It always reminds me how fate shaped the