Essay about Detailed Literature Study

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Detailed Literature Study Name: Sagar Darira Date: December 05, 2010
This sheet will guide you through a detailed, personal study of the work in question and, hopefully, open doors of understanding and appreciation for you.
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| | |Title of Work | |Author | |
| | | | |Mark Twain |
| | | | | |
| | | Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | | |

LiteraryPeriod Country Pub. Date
|Realistic | |United States | |1884 |
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Period Connections—List characteristics of the literary period that you find evident in this work. --------------
|The Realistic period (1865-1918) is a reaction to Romanticism, a period of actuality in literature, where characterization, not plot is |
|central to a literary work. A deep interest in nature, and a belief in the idea that a human being is an animal in the world responding to |
|environmental forces and stresses. Twain uses many ideas of Realism in his writing. He shows the relationship between characters as a |
|bigger picture, than the main plot. He focuses on the individuals, a deeper look into Huck’s life, and the connections with him and |
|society. He explores Huck’s life and the stresses and obstacles he goes through, the problems he has with society, with his ‘Pap.’ Twain |
|also writes the book in actuality, especially with Jim being a slave, being treated differently than others. |
| |

Authorial Background—not a biography, but biographical info that connects the author to the work ------------

|Mark Twain went west during the civil war and established himself as a writer during this time writing many famous novels such as The |
|Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After finishing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain began, with a few pages he removed from the earlier novel, |
|work on the sequel novel to Tom Sawer, which he originally titled Huckleberry Finn’s Autobiography. He eventually lost interest in the |
|novel while in progress, and set it aside for many years. After a few years, Twain’s personal life began to collapse. His wife had become |
|sick, and the couple lost their first son after just nineteen months. Twain also made a big amount of poor investments and financial |
|decisions which soon put him in debt. Because of this, he continued to write and later finished the novel, finally named Adventures of |
|Huckleberry Finn.