Detecting Media Bias Essay

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Detecting Media bias


Detecting Media bias I chose a news story from my local news site The story I chose was a local story. It was titled “Driver allegedly impaired during Chandler rollover crash, 2 children injured.” I chose this article because it was something that immediately caught my attention and it is something that I am totally against, drunk driving.
The report of the story was very clear and accurate. I went to several other news sites to verify the information. It was all the same. It told a great deal of information. I found this interesting because it was an accident that just recently occurred.
There was a great deal of facts reported, more than usual in a story of this kind. The one thing that they did not include was the source of drugs or alcohol that impaired the driver’s ability at the time of the accident. The article mentioned that the driver was being cited for impairment.
The story did not include any alternative perspectives or worldwide views. I am sure in the next segment they will cover more of those. They usually do with a continuing story of this kind.
There was not any questionable assumption in this story. The story was right on point. It was a real simple story. The evidence that the police obtained solved the case immediately. The driver did a hit and run. There were several witness that followed the impaired driver and reported this to 911.
As I mentioned earlier the only thing that was left out of this story was the source of impairment of the impaired driver. I feel the only reason this was left out was they are waiting on a toxicology report to confirm these finding.
I think that it is important when making distinctions when undertaking a