Detecting Media Bias Essay

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Detecting Media Bias
Mary Falero
January 13, 2012

Detecting Media Bias
This news story is about how Wells Fargo made record profits in 2012 new mortgages and mortgage refinancing. It outlines the success they had in each quarter and discusses the factors that affected this growth and speculates on whether or not the success can be maintained. I think the reporting of the story was clear and accurate. It shares that Wells Fargo was able to refinance a record number of loans and increase their earning 19 percent from 2011. I previously have worked for Wells Fargo; I see that the facts listed in this story appear to be accurate; it does not appear anything was fabricated or left out. The story provides quotes from Timothy J. Sloan, the chief financial officer of Wells Fargo, I think it was a nice touch; it is good to hear things from the source. I do not see that any questionable assumptions were implicit in this story. I do, however, feel that all aspects of this story were addressed, they outlined the success as well as the fact that it may be hard to maintain. They discussed the success of Wells Fargo, but also highlighted the settlement they were required to make to address their part in the mortgage crisis of 2008. This story does outline the mortgage program within Wells Fargo very well. I recall how aggressive Wells Fargo requires their associates to be, I do not miss talking people into refinancing – not one bit. It is important to make distinctions when undertaking a critical evauluation because you must be able to look at an issue objectively. If you cannot consider all sides of an issue and keep an open mind, you will have a hard time making a critical evaluation. Critical thinking is all about further investigation, observation, and leaving emotions at the door. If you do not keep an open mind when reading a news article, you could either