Essay about Detecting Plagiarism

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Upon receiving each student’s essay, I run them through the plagiarism checker on the University’s website. This has become the norm for instructors given the vast amount of information that is on the Internet and readily accessibly for anyone.
After running your essay through the plagiarism checker, it resulted in a 100% similarity index, meaning that this is not your original work and was taken in its entirety from an article, copied and submitted as your own work for this assignment.
The least I can say is that I am very disappointed in finding out this information. You have been an upstanding student and have turned in exceptional work up until this assignment.
Plagiarism is a highly frowned upon and is a form of cheating and stealing another person’s work. Unfortunately, there are consequences that have to be faced due to this incident. I will be forwarding this information to the Campus Director of Academic Affairs and we shall take this from that point. I urge you to prepare an explanation of why this incident occurred.
I will take into consideration the work that you have done and the outstanding student that you have been until now.
In the future, please remember that plagiarism and academic dishonesty can have very severe negative repercussions. This not only includes submitting another person’s full body of work and presenting it as your own, but also paraphrasing or using quotes from another individual without citing and giving