Deterioration in Long Distance Relationship Essay

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Long distance relationship, known as LDR is model of a romantic relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by significant distance. I have been experiencing this kind of relationship since 10 months ago and still going. As an international student studying abroad, my boyfriend and I separated within thousand miles between Indonesia and Australia. Although the time different is not far different and communication device is not a problem, deterioration still appears in our relationship. Habits and dating style changed create insecure feelings that raise negative perception of relationship. Fighting and grumpy feelings most likely occur when we are having a bad mood while ego controls the logic. These
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It is affect my LDR relationship even he already regret and promise never repeat it again. The incomplete trust generates negative thought and perception then it makes very hard to be positive in long distance relationship (Rill et al., 2009).

# Communication Style

Every couple has their own style of communication either in normal relationship or long distance relationship. Since communication is crucial in long distance relationship, small issues in communication would deteriorate LDR. We cannot equalize our communication style with other couple communication style (Stafford, 2010). Communication style work differently in each individual, it is for us to find and understand which best communication style we should apply. We cannot force to apply the other couple communication style in our relationship because it is just lead to high expectation and zero result. High expectation with zero result will make deterioration in LDR getting worse. Relationship would be unhealthy and suffering.

Guidelines to safe deterioration in LDR

Deteriorated LDR is a not a simple problem, but there are some way that couples can do to save their relationship

1. Make yourself busy

A person that have more free time, found distress and lonely rather than whose busy with their job or hobby. Feel of loneliness make an individual generate more negative thinking especially in long distance relationship. By