Essay about Determinants of Organizational Culture

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At the very onset of this topic, it is useful to distinguish determinants and dimensions of OC. Determinants are the causes, while dimensions are the components of OC. You may say, determinants are those which influence whereas dimensions are those which are influenced. Although OC refers to the internal environment of an organization, the nature of OC is determined by a variety of internal and external factors. One of the basis premises of organizational behavior is that outside environmental forces influence events within organizations. After acknowledging the dynamics of internal as well as external factors in this section, we will consider in greater detail the following seven internal
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The former might inculcate an environment of competitiveness, calculated risk-taking, frankness of opinions, etc. Organizational Size
In a small sized organization it is much easier to foster a climate for creativity and innovation or to establish a participative king of management with greater stress on horizontal distribution of responsibilities. On the other hand, in a large organization it is easier to have a more authoritative kind of management with stress on vertical distribution of responsibilities. This in turn leads to distinct environments as has been explained with the help of the concept of System 4 organization. We have now studies seven basic determinants of OC. The lost is not exhaustive but these are the basic internal factors determining the internal environment of an organization.

Today we continue our discussion on Organizational Size. Note that OC is not influenced by factors existing within the organization only. Societal forces help shape OC as well. To understanding societal influences on OC, let us consider an example in relation to the changing profile of existing and future employees. You may have noticed at least two changes which are taking place in our society. First, education level of employees of all categories is rising. Second societal values toward