Determination of an Equilibrium Constant Essay

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Determination of an Equilibrium Constant

Abstract: In this experiment, two reactions were run to determine the molar absorptivity and the equilibrium constant of FeSCN2+. The main principles used in this lab are equilibrium, LeChatlier’s Principle, Beer’s Law and Spectrocopy. The first reaction was run to completion using LeChatier’s Principle and the second reaction was run to equilibrium. A spectrophotometer was used to measure absorbances. Using a graph of absorbance versus concentration of FeSCN2+ was used to determine that the molar absorptivity constant was 3670. Beer’s Law was used to determine that the average equilibrium constant was 33.1793.

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the value of the
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Step in Procedure Observation
Addition of Fe(NO3) to HNO3 solution Clear colorless solution
Addition of HSCN to Fe(NO3) and HNO3 solution Clear orange solution

Error Analysis:
Table 8. Mean and Standard Deviation
Mean 33.1793
Standard Deviation ±1.089

Average Keq = = 33.1793
Standard Deviation =
= ±1.089

Discussion: In this experiment, the molar absorptivity constant, ε, and the equilibrium constant, Keq were