Essay on Determining Who and Why

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Determining Who and Why
Jonathan M. Carr
April 22, 2013
Cathy McCullough

Determining Who and Why
Modern day technology allows job seekers to search for employment from any location via internet. Companies also use technology to advertise career opportunities available within their organizations with the hope of attaining well qualified individuals to fill those positions. It is beneficial for both the organization and the job seeker and this new process has revolutionized how Human Resource departments recruit and select new talent.
Delta Air Lines is a well-known name in the airline industry headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company employed about 78,400 people as of December 31, 2011 (Delta Air Line, Inc. 2012). Delta has also taken advantage of technology to post jobs available on their company website. The company currently has a Human Resources Manager position available.
The Human Resource manager leads HR strategy and business partnership within assigned business units. Responsibilities of the position include implementing a people/organization strategy aimed to produce intended business results while integrating well with corporate strategic direction. Organizational change management, leadership development, performance management and compensation strategy are also responsibilities of the position. The Human Resources manager will also partner with cross-divisional subject matter experts within HR, anticipate and exceed customer needs, and provide HR counsel to a variety of employee and business needs. The implementation of corporate HR programs by engaging department leaders and employees is also a part of the job description.
A job analysis is a systematic Human Resource Management practice for collecting and analyzing information about jobs (Safdar, Waheed, & Rafiq, 2010). This process identifies and determines the job duties and requirements for a particular job and recognizes the importance of these job associated duties. The HR Manager position available at Delta requires that potential candidates for the job to have earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, business management or in a related field of study. Five years of HR generalist experience or equivalent years of experience in a related field are also required. Delta prefers that candidates for the position to possess PHR (Professional in Human Resources)/SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certifications. Job analyses form the foundation upon which many critical HR systems are built such as compensation, performance management, training and development, and recruitment and selection programs (Safdar, Waheed, & Rafiq, 2010). A job analysis begins by first establishing a purpose for the analysis. Some companies use their own HR department to complete the analysis while others outsource job analysis consultants to complete the task. An exact set of guidelines and directions for completing a job analysis has not been created possibly due to the fact that various sizes of organizations and specific needs of certain jobs within companies require varied expertise and may depend on several different skill sets to achieve productivity. Many job analyses require information from supervisors, employees, those that currently fill similar positions or filled the position being analyzed in the past, and any other members of the organization whom will work closely with the position to gain sufficient data needed to complete the analysis. The HR Manager position posted by Delta has identified having a demonstrated track record in employee relations, conflict resolution, benefits, compensation, employment, training and development, project management, and coaching/consulting as essential skills and duties of the job.
The top priority of being a great organization is to recruit the right people (Huang, Wen-Yeh, & Chaun-Chun, 2011). Organizational performance is greatly affected by the quality of its employees. The