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Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

Leadership Style Leadership plays an important role in corporate America, being a leader means to be a positive influence to different groups of people, to assist in achieving goals and visions. Leaders have different styles that help enhance organizations to become effective and successful; According to Robbins and Judge (2011) leadership has been defined in terms of traits, behaviors, influence, interaction patterns, role relationship, and occupation of an administrative position. Selecting the right leader for a specific position is important, according to Robbins and Judge (2011) trait research provides a basis for selecting the right people for leadership. The leadership role that I would take on, and be beneficial for the company would be a supervisor position. A supervisory position would allow me to assist subordinates in becoming successful with their current position. An effective leader is able to assist subordinates in achieving and obtaining goals and values would be first priority. According to Robbins and Judge (2011) it’s the leader’s job to provide followers with the information, support, or other resources necessary to achieve their goals. A leader should be able to make subordinates job easier not harder, by supporting and leading employees in the right direction.
Leaders should be creative and supportive to their subordinates
Transformational leadership I feel best describes me as a leader within my field. A transformational leader “engender trust, seek to develop leadership in others, exhibit self-sacrifice and serve as moral agents, focusing themselves and followers on objectives that transcend the more immediate needs of the work group (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009, p.358). Transformational leaders support their subordinates to be creative with doing their job and it builds trust between the leader and subordinates. Transformational leaders are able to increase follower self-efficacy, giving the group a “can do” spirit (Robbins and Judge, 2011, p.392). Transformational leaders are effective with making changes within organizations, producing numbers and goals it what I set out to do with my new role as supervisor. Treating all employees fair, giving honest and accurate information is important, employees give better results when ethics are involved in leadership. According to Robbins and Judge (2011) in assessing its effectiveness we need to address the means a leader uses in trying to achieve goals, as well as the content of those goals.
An effective leader should give honest and accurate information as well as treat all employees fair. Trust is important and if a leader breaks the trust, subordinates will not be successful as a leader. Subordinates that do not trust their leader causes a lot of issues and lack of performance. Trust and trust-worthiness modulate the leader’s access to knowledge and cooperation (Robbins and Judge, 2011, p.395). Throughout the years of working in the communication business I have always taking the lead with different task at work. As a leader I’ve taken pride in molding representatives into becoming leaders of the business. As a leader I will implement new things to motivate and engage subordinates, while keeping work a priority focus. Motivating employees to want to come to work and perform their job successfully is important. Building relationships with employee’s helps leaders understand what employees want and need to keep them motivated to do their job. .
Becoming a supervisor there is not a supervisor class that you take; it does not come with guidelines or instructions. A supervisor position is not a role that you are trained for this is a role that comes naturally. According to Robbins and Judge (2011) behavioral theories states that people can be trained to become leaders. Being an effective leader is learned over time it will take a couple of weeks to figure out how to a new group and how we