Determinism: Free will and Way Essay examples

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Dustin Rauh
Professor Embree
Chain Reactions Throughout all different types of philosophy, Determinism is the idea that everything happens for a reason and for every event there is always an event that occurs in response to this event. With ideas such as these, there are many different positions one could be in due to how reinforced ones beliefs are, on either free will or determinism, or the both combined. With the different levels of free will, brings more freedom for one to choose the outcome of an event. Therefore also giving us the possibility to react any way when we are confronted with such an event. Determinism may come off as the easiest philosophy to follow, when one likes to slide through life without much conflict or interaction. Being able to say, “oh well this event was already supposed to happen this way and whatever comes from this event is supposed to anyway.” Rather than using ones free will to create a better situation in the outcome of a bad event. Free will gives one the right to react any way, at any time. Cause and effect, that comes with determinism and free will both, branches from an event or a situation and the effect is nothing preplanned, rather a free will response from that one in the situation. Some philosophers however believe nothing is truly free will. That if determinism is true, then all of our actions and reactions are predicted and waiting to occur and that nothing we do is free. If determinism is considered false, all of our reactions would be random still not making us seem free at all. For something to be considered random it would have to take no thought at all and be given at a time where the one acting out of random would not care about the outcome at all. In some situations, this is completely true. In a car accident, one does not think about what to do and plan every action out. The ones involved act on instinct and random reactions. Not predicted reactions that were all already supposed to happen. If