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The 3500 is designed for applications requiring a hardwired, timed bypass alarm with re-chargeable backup battery. The device needs will be part of a transformational innovation opportunity. The device will get a complete cosmetic over haul and the circuit board will be redesigned. The cosmetic portion will be going to a jet black case and new decals. The case will be made larger to make for easier installation. The circuit board and software will be able to redesign to be able to with stand a power outage and other power flaws in the system. It will also eliminate false alarms which will cut down on the managers turn it off and on. Be able to have alarm go off and stay at a consistent 100-decibel alarm. Be able to make the bypassed time adjustable so if you are taking out the trash or unloading a truck which each item takes a different time. The door magnets will be of high quality so there will be no chance for tampering the system.
For more than a century, Detex has earned the industry's trust as a leader in the security industry of millions of property owners to secure and protect their people and property. Detex is a USA company which designs, manufactures and ships product from Texas and is recognized as a best in class life safety, security, and security assurance solutions provider world-wide. Detex provides everything needed for an integrated door system - easy to order, use, install and maintain. All Detex products are field proven, code compliant and will meet all requirements for a secure control of building entry. The Detex tradition is to lead the market with innovative, customer driven products. “Where Trust is built” is the company motto.
In 1923 the Newman Clock Company was consolidated with Watchman's Clock and Supply Company, Eco Clock Company, and the Watch Clock Division of Hardinge Brothers, Inc. and adopted the name NEWMAN WATCHCLOCK CORPORATION. A few months later the name was changed to DETEX WATCHCLOCK CORPORATION to emphasize to existing Hardinge and Eco users that the company wasn't the old Newman Clock Company.
Detex remained principally a manufacturer and distributor of Watchman's Clock Systems until 1963, when it first introduced a new line of security hardware products and entered the builder’s hardware field. These products are designed primarily for use in the control of exits and entries in industrial, commercial, institutional and educational buildings. As a result of this broadening of interests the word 'WATCHCLOCK' was removed from the company name in 1964, and DETEX CORPORATION became the official corporate designation.
The year 1999 was an important milestone in the company’s development with the introduction of the ADVANTEX line of architectural hardware products. These products opened new market opportunities for Detex Corporation as they entered the new millennium. Today, Advantex products have far exceeded company expectations with a full line including rim, surface vertical rod, mortise and concealed vertical rod devices. The number of electrified products offered has exceeded those by any major manufacturer.
In February of 2008, Detex Corporation entered into an OEM agreement with Lockman Peck, LLC to sell a Detex branded, low energy, heavy duty automatic door operator named the AO19 Series. The AO19 is a best-in-class automatic door operator that has many design, installation and service similarities to the other Detex products. In September of 2009, Detex acquired the automatic door operator product line from Lockman Peck, LLC and went into full production in February of 2010.
Today, Detex proudly acknowledges the contribution of enthusiastic and loyal personnel, in the research, development, engineering, manufacturing and service areas, as well as in sales and general management. It is significant that many employees have been with the company 30 years or more, thus forming a continuity of effort over the years which have