Detroit An American Autopsy Summary

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Detroit: An American Autopsy was written by Charlie LeDuff. He wandered for years, working across Asia, Europe, and the Arctic edge working as several types of jobs. And then, he settled into the life of Journalism and lives with his wife and daughter on the edge of the Detroit city limits. He featured this book forlornly and pathetically. Because Detroit, which was a richest big city and led the nation in home ownership, is now its poorest and a foreclosure capital. The author offered appraisals of the city with spotlights of case scenarios, including the effects of unemployment, illiteracy, murder, city government corruption, foreclosure and arson.
In the past, how rich Detroit was we can see that by 1958, 20 percent of the Detroit jobless
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In this point, I was concerned about the rule of law because the whole system is corrupt from top to bottom.
In economic, people tried to escape from sprawling grubby factory and steaming smokestacks. Detroit’s slide was long and inexorable. The factories closed in 1956 and was left to rot pulling down the city. LeDuff might find the root of problem out, but he did not mention explicitly and did not address his opinions. He just wrote that we might blame postwar industrial policies, the city’s collapse on the 1967 riot and the white flight, Coleman Young and his culture of corruption and cronyism, the gas shocks of the seventies and the trade agreements of the Clinton years.
As the consequence of economic sliding and unemployment, when the people died, it was difficult to bury because of poverty. The people were socially traumatized by the funeral. I don’t really think there is no one dare to bunk with a zombie. But anyway, they had to sleep with zombie while they were looking for money to bury a corpse. That was socially effected to the
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The perpetrators are continuing to occur homicide and arson. In this point, the capacity and ethic of city administrator is in question. The firemen tried to extinguish fire and defend the houses against the arson with melted helmets, boots with holes, and coats covered without thick layers of carbon but the mayor was trying to force cutbacks on besiege and beleaguered fire department instead of equipping the facilities and encouraging them.
Obviously, it is awful that the city administrator and his wife were driving an expensive Cadillac Escalade paid for by the taxpayers of the country’s poorest city. It seemed to me that is the worst corruption of the political. Actually, public services were in needs of upgrading and should be fully equipped with reliable materials but the administrator did not.
That’s why, the people begun their rapid exodus to the suburbs, leaving behind their city. That is definitely, if the citizens of the Detroit can benefit of tax and service delivery of their government and they were satisfied, the city is no way to collapse and empty. That’s why I think metropolitan approach is a critical part of the restoring the Detroit city because there are a lot of strategies in metropolitan approach such as tax/revenue-sharing program, capacity building of government operation body, intergovernmental relationship, etc. These can help the improvement of Detroit government