Detroit: Ford Motor Company and Motor Industry Essay

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Detroit being the 10th largest city in the U.S. declined to the 18th largest city is sad. It seemed like after the British left, Detroit was getting back on its feet and it did with the huge motor industry starting with Ford Motor Company but then it all went downhill again. The theory that I feel best describes Detroit is the political economy theory and industrial location theory because the economy works with politics to shape the conditions in which the city works as they choose for capital investment. Market conditions play a huge role in how much advantage a city may be able to weigh. Federal aid from the U.S. has declined over years, leaving Detroit to sink further.
I have read that some past mayors have been corrupt and have had some racial tensions in the city and that the jobs became rare due to competition leading everyone out of the city. These aspects are only the beginning. The location theory comes into this because of Detroit’s booming economy; the politicians stood by and hoped the motor industry would do the work for them. Even downtown was a place to be, with commercial and retail centers and offices that supported the motor industry but now the offices relocated to the suburbs just like the homeowners, leaving downtown a place for secondary employment centers. If you Google pictures of Detroit, you will see a majority of the skyline that used to be there and now most of them are like the 95,000 abandoned homes and 85,000 abandoned businesses.
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