Develop Finance Strategy Management For Companies In Insurance Industry In Vietnam

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1 Researchable Topic Area:
The proposed title for the dissertation is “Develop finance strategy management for companies in insurance industry at Vietnam”, then finding out methods to solve financial difficulties and develop financial systems of the insurance system in Vietnam. The insurance industry in developing countries like Vietnam today, there is less developed because the insurance companies are not enough financial resources and effective financial management methods.
Looking at business efficiency and severe competition in the insurance sector in developed countries like UK and U.S. How to find the difference between the financial management strategy of insurance industry in Vietnam and developed countries, this report will compare the information in the financial statements about non-finance and finance performing to see those problems. Due to how to develop finance strategy management for companies in insurance industry at Vietnam, and analyze information to see the weaknesses in financial strategy from those sets out appropriate strategies such as upgrading management accounting system, change the investment strategy for Vietnam's insurance companies.
Effective of financial strategy is undeniable Allan Hill (2008) said that to implement investment and financing decisions using risk-adjusted wealth maximizing criteria, which satisfy the firm’s owners (shareholders) by placing them in an equal, optimum financial position. The main objectives and aims of the dissertation is propose alternative financing strategies for insurance companies in Viet Nam and using the financial statements of insurance companies in Vietnam from 2008-2011 to compare with the financial statements of the insurance companies in developed countries. Moreover looking for economic environmental impacts at Viet Nam to finance situation of companies from that highlight what has been done and how to better manage financial.
2 Objectives for the Research:
This issue can be developed into definable objectives for the dissertation;
To identify strength and limitation of finance strategies management and shareholder wealth, value added, investment and finance decision of companies in insurance industry at Viet Nam basic on annual reports, looking at BaoViet, PRUDENTIAL, Liberty, AIA and Petrovietnam Insurance predominantly.
To identify influence from macro and micro economic into finance strategies management insurance industry at Viet Nam follow framework and theories available to assess as SWOT, PESTEL, Five forces,
To combat the risks and adverse impacts from the environment to the financial situation of the business as the world economic crisis, competition, bad debt, credit crunch.
To make recommendations on how companies can better finance strategies management, critically evaluating new concepts with practices in place and theory to underpin the research
To propose alternative measures example: To overcome the problems in the using of Incremental Budgeting as Zero basic budgeting
3 Literature Review:
To get the best financial strategy need to analyze the impacts on two issues for Finance and Non-finance performance (Noreen, Brewer and Garison, 2008). I will be based on the literatures relating to these two issues to give the most accurate analysis.
A lot of literatures presented effective of ratio analysis in Finance performance analysis. Davies and Boczko (2006) argued that Ratio analysis is an important area of performance review. It is far more useful than merely considering absolute numbers, which on their own