Developing A Thesis Statement

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Week Four CheckPoint -- Developing a Thesis Statement

Student work:

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Week Four: Developing a Thesis Statement Points Possible
Points Earned
Created a thesis statement for your research paper.
Explained the answers to the following: How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments?
Sentences are complete, clear, concise, and error-free; rules of grammar usage, spelling, and punctuation are followed. Posted the thesis statement as an attachment.
Late Penalty (10% per day - cannot exceed four days)


Thanks for submitting your assignment! You crafted a truly specific and clear thesis statement. This will definitely anchor your final research paper. Additionally, there was a solid discussion of how you plan to support and explain this thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments. Your sentences were complete, clear, and concise. Additionally, grammar usage, spelling, and punctuation rules were followed.

Developing a Thesis statement

Even though the No Child Left behind Act is no longer valid, did the legislation work to reduce deficits in school age children? [Do you have a specific stance on this, or will you work on both perspectives? I like that this thesis touches on the Act and its intentions, Alicia.]
Explain what strategies you used to formulate a viable argument. I paid close attention to the topic that I chose, and that topic was education. I was also careful to find something that I could closely relate to as well as understand without a lot of extra work. I chose the, “No Child left behind Act”, [The comma should go inside of the quotation marks.] because I wanted to learn more about what actually went wrong with the legislation, what were some of the main issues and obstacles that schools, administrators and teachers could not get around. [Thank you for explaining your interests and thought process.] I wanted to be sure to get a topic that could grab the reader’s attention as well as help me to develop a good thesis. I also know that when conducting research, you want to be able to stick to the facts and make an arguable thesis. I also wanted to gain a firm position on the topic. People could actually agree or disagree with my thesis, which is a good sign that my research paper is on a good track. [Ah, this is really great – you want the reader to engage with the piece and see all perspectives.] I want that option to be available to the reader. I don’t want for my point of view to seem like the right one but the fact that I open up the dialogue to discuss where the legislation went wrong can shine light on the facts and not my opinion.