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I plan to develop my academic skills by evaluating how I learn in the workplace and how I can improve my professionalism using this. By looking at my own strengths and weaknesses I can then consider how I can progress myself further.
Through many years of childcare practice, I have gained strong leadership skills; I can show great confidence when leading a group of children, but may, sometimes, due to limited time in this area, lack in Early Years knowledge.
Through studying ‘The Early Years: Developing Practice’ I hope to gain extra knowledge and experience, allowing myself to become increasingly skilled and further develop my career.
Knowing the importance of how I and other adults learn in the workplace, I have so far established that I learn best when I am given information in a visual style. For example I have undertaken peer observations in my workplace, allowing me to watch other colleagues and note the techniques used. I plan to evolve this by putting the observed technique into practice and throughout this course try other learning styles to seek the best suited style for me. Throughout my career I have held a number of different roles. In some of these roles, where the opportunity arose, I have taken on extra responsibilities outside of my immediate job role, as can be seen in the example of Claire (C. Jones and L. Pound Chapter 1 Page 8). This has prepared me for this course by allowing me to recognise that many of my roles overlap in duties but may differ in responsibility. For example, I