Developing an IT network for a chain store Essay

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Developing an IT Network
For “I Love Coffee” chain Coffee stores
Team E- Hisham, Jiten, Francis, Atiq, Hitesh

Project Management Systems
Professor Ezam Mohammed

Project Description

We are an IT Company, developing IT networks. Our company helps new ventures or existing businesses to build the IT network. In this project we are developing the IT network for new chain coffee stores called “I Love Coffee”. This company has 5 locations in the New York City located in all 5 boroughs. This network will help the all stores connected to database of the company. With the help of this network the executives or the owners of the company will be able to see the sales, growth, net profit, etc of any location from anywhere on their smart phones or laptops. The store managers would be able to place the order of raw materials from their location itself.

Project Scope Statement

Project Name
Information Technology (IT) Business Networking
Project Number
PROJ586 – TM -E
Project Manager
Francis Ebigie
High data communication
Prof Azam Muhammed

Statement of Work—Project Description and
Project Product
Project topic on IT Networking - To develop network backbone that carried high speed transmission path of a café (tea coffee) data work flows for five business locations with centralize server control system. The above project will give the concept of types and topologies use in the networking, hardware infrastructures require in the backbone network, software's require in the network and the server operating systems.
Project Mission: To establish high speed data transmission path in a network.
Project accomplishment and Step: The above project will be accomplished by creating first and foremost the backbone network. The backbone network will be mainly powered by hardware’s such cat6e cables, switches, patch panel, routers, computer systems, servers, printers and UPS’s for power backup. Subsequently, the require software’s such as the server operating systems, Anti-virus or firewall, application packages and the business café software’s.
Product of the project: At the completion of the above project one should able to perform operation in any of the five business locations without really being present in the location. There will be a software interface for operating user login details for system authorization and authentication for user’s before allowing access. Also remote access can be possible.

Project Deliverables
To establish communication among the devices on the network and operations are possible remotely without physically present at the location.

Project Objectives
The cost of the above project cannot have exact value but it will depends on the how large the customer want each to be operating on, here in this project we assume ten (5) computer system, server, software and network infrastructures at each locations. Therefore, each location will cost about $22,000.00 and the schedule timeline for implementing each location is two weeks. The quality of the above project is that all technical requirements must meet with ICT and IEEE standard.

Project Assumptions The assumption of the above project is based in a business that have café in her five different locations but all data control are being manage in there head office.

Project Constraints
The major limiting factors that affect the above project is space, inability to have purchase and install on the discussed items.

What are the major limiting factors that affect the project?
The project must consist all network infrastructures require to make the network work effectively to enable transmit of high data control and the project should not focus on the equipment maintenance solutions since it based on assumption not real time operating network.

Acceptance Criteria
The product be able to ping or communicate to all the computer on the network, all the network