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As a General Manager of the Baxter bistro, in the developing stage I will implement essential policies and procedures to achieve all the strategic and operational objectives. Through the smart objective approach I will ensure the objectives that I have identified are effective or not. My ultimate aim is to find the way to bring Turnbull Bistro on the track of success. After identify potential problems and areas of growth, I will propose a strategy to solve these problems. Smart objectives-
It is important to ensure all the objectives must have to be S.M.A.R.T. if the objective are SMART then it will be easy for the entire team to understand their duties and how and when they have to finish them.
S- Specific
The Objectives should specify that what is the ultimate goal behind them which the business needs to be achieved.
M- Measureable
The objective should be measureable so that I can measure whether we are meeting the objectives or not.
A- Achievable
It is important to ensure whether the objectives are achievable by the staff team I have and the constraints that will be imposed in the timeframe.
R- Realistic
By taking the existing resources, staff and their skill in consideration, I will ensure that the objectives I have set are realistic or not.
T- Time
The set objective must have a start and end date or time. It is also important to ensure that whether it is achievable within timeframe or not.
Strategic Objectives-
Leading a business to the direction of growth means taking decision about the main objectives of the business. The key component of the planning for growth is setting strategic objectives, which help prepare a realistic vision for the future of business and in doing so can maximize potential for growth.
Basically the strategic objectives are the long term objectives, which a business has to focus to achieve ultimate goal.
With the regard to the Baxter bistro, as a manager I will consider three main strategic objectives-
1. People
2. Product
3. Profit
These are the main three areas which need to be focused.
The people mean the employees of the business. Each employee in the place plays his/her own role in making the business successful. Their skills, experience, knowledge and talent are the main assets of the business. The dedication of the employees is very important to developing and providing the best product and service to the customers.
As a manager of the Baxter bistro, it is my prime duty to ensure that who are my employees, what their skills are and how to utilize them at their best. In addition it is also essential to give employee security and self-improvement opportunity.
The product is the heart of the business. Especially in the hospitality industry product (food and service) is the main key element of the business. The quality of food and service both work together in this industry. This means that the quality of a product and service has the ability to fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations which force them to come to the place again and again. Hence it is important to have the product which has high standard, quality, popularity, different from other competitor and accepted by the customers.
Profitability is the ultimate goal of very business. Profit of the business helps to measure the success of the business. Any business can survive in this cut throat competitive market on the basics of its profitability. There are many components which plays important role in making profit. These components could be:
Product quantity control
Wastage control
All these elements work together to decide the profitability of the business. If any of them will go off the track will affect the others as well.

Operational objectives
The operational objectives of the business are the short term or daily bases objectives. The achievement of the operational objectives leads the business to the achievement of long term or strategic objectives.