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What is the difference between a developed nation and a developing nation? (Use this information to introduce your topic to be discussed in your paper. This actually is the topic you are discussing in your paper, which is why it will make a great intro. Anything you say after the introduction, that is, the body of the essay, will support the intro.)

A developing nation is a nation that does not have the industrial and political capacity of a developed nation. A developed nation on the other hand, has an industrial and political capacity so great, that it can influence events around the world, whereas developing nations cannot

Characteristics of a developing nation:
1. Low GDP relative to a developed nation, ex: Somalia vs. Switzerland
2. Weak Government
3. Weak Job Market (not enough jobs)
4. Poor housing
5. Weak Military
6. High teen pregnancy
7. Illiterate population, lacking in education
8. Etc. (check google or something)

Characteristics of a developed nation
1. High GDP relative to developing nations, ex: United States vs. Peru
2. Strong Government
3. Strong Job Market (many jobs are available)
4. Strong Housing prospects
5. Strong Military
6. Low teen pregnancy relative to developing nations
7. Highly literate, highly educated population
8. The actions of the government can influence world events
9. Etc.

Intro: Define a developed country. Define a developing country. State the differences between each. (1-2 paragraphs)