Essay about developing good business sense

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Developing Good business sense

I have chosen three fast food restaurants that I have thought would be a pretty good fit for this assignment. They are mcdonalds , Kentucky fried chickedn and sonic, these are three of my favorite places to eat at when im on the go. They are fast food chains placed all over the united states and in other countries. When you go to sonic it is mostly a drive in food chain but you can usually sit under there building in a outside setting where there would be benches for you to sit an enjoy your food. The food is not just delivered to your window but they are usually rolled to you with the assistance of a person skating to your vehichle with your order. I think that’s pretty nifty for a food chain to do. The other two food chains you can go in an eat or go through a drive through place your oder and pick up at a window. They all have similar operations that they use. The most important thing that each serve to do is bring quality food at a fast rate, this is why they are called fast food. If you want fresh food you would generally go to sonic they prepare their food when ordered that’s why the wait may take a bit longer than Kentucky fried chicken and mcdonalds. Mcdonalds and Kentucky Fried chicken precook and heat up there food when ordered which makes things go a lot faster when ordering. Heat lamps are used to warm the food up. When ordering your food at sonic they use a speaker system and a curbside menu option to have their customers place their orders. While the carhoppers replace the counter help that you see at other fast food joints. They deliver the food to the consumers vehichle. While mcdonalds and Kentucky fried chicken organize their employees in kind of the same manners, the cook stay to prepare the food and cook while the front counter and drive though staff do the registers, take the consumers order and also prepare the drinks and bundle of the food into a sack or place on a serving tray. Sonic is the best you can choose from many different drink combinations which is absolutely the best many fast food places do not offer that they usually have of up to ten fifthteen soft drink items and maybe five to six different other drink such as coffee. Even though mcdonalds is a fantastic food chain there are a lot of things they need to fix they should really place a good screening for their employees from the area im in there are a lot of rude…