Personality Development

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All infants come into our world performing the same actions: crying, sleeping, and eating. So when and how does person develop his or her own identity? Some people don’t realize that your personality plays a big role in how you are as a person. A personality is built up by the kinds of thoughts and feelings we have within us that can result in a particular behavior. Research says that character development can affect our lives both positively and negatively. Children ages three to five go through different behavior developments through out their childhood. Having a positive attitude, motivating yourself, believing in strong points, effective body language, handling people the right way all have effects on our personality. Personality’s cause behaviors’ to happen and also is displayed through thoughts, feelings, behaviors and many other aspects. We develop our personalities mostly from socialization and different experiences we go through, especially during our early childhood. Research over the years has shown that heredity factors are very important in how we develop our personalities, such as “emotional tone.” Health and physical appearance are likely to be very important in how we develop our personalities. These heredity factors are likely to have a major impact on how we perceive our self. These factors contribute to our personality development as a result of interactions with the social environment we live in. (Personality Development). What I expect to learn while I research is how exactly people’s personalities affect the way we behave.
This topic interests me because I babysit four children on a regular basis, all under the age of seven, and I have noticed that each of them have their own personalities, each of them have different interests. I also have two sisters of my own, and we are definitely all different. We all have different personalities. Speaking for myself, I generally have a quiet laid-back personality, and could be defined as having an introverted personality. Being the oldest out of my two siblings, I have noticed that my youngest sister, who just turned 13, is far more outgoing than my middle sister and I. Which brought me asking my self is there some kind of explanation behind this? Why is it that my middle sister and I have similar personalities (quiet laid back) as opposed to my younger sister, whose social life is her number one priority? Is there research that shows that will a younger sibling who observes older brothers and sisters will have a more outgoing personality? I also came across another question for myself. That being, does birth order have any affect on the way we develop our personalities? If you have ever observed other people, you can notice that everyone has there own personalities, whether they are extremely outgoing as opposed to keeping to themselves and this brings me to my next question: how do people develop their personalities? How do people’s personalities cause them to make different actions? Why is it that some people can be extremely outgoing as opposed to people being more of an introvert, which can be described as shy, laid back and more keeping to themselves?
After doing research on how the study of personality was first discovered and who discovered it I came across a few articles about a scientist named Albert Bandura. The webpage titled “Albert Bandura” was very useful to my research. It was useful for me because it went into great detail about his theory, as well as biography. I found this site to be helpful because he was the first scientist to study personality and it also showed his theory on observational learning. I chose this site to use instead of some of the others that I came across because when learning about observational learning it seemed to go into far more detail opposed to some of the other sites I had come across.
The history behind personality development was first studied by a scientist by the name of Albert Bandura. Bandura had an