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Developing Professional Practice – 5DPP


Development of a professional body for personnel practitioners came from a conference that was held in York in 1913. The people present formed an Association of Employers whose interest was the industrial betterment and of welfare workers engaged by them. What followed was a number of name changes, mergers with other groups and a broadening of the type of duties undertaken which included payroll, health and safety, employee services and welfare and education and training.

In 1946 the Institute of Personnel Management was formed which joined with the Institute of Training and Development in 1994 to form the Institute of Personnel and Development. In 2000 chartered status was
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Having a varied role within a small organisation is very time consuming and by taking on the additional commitment to study this course could have created additional pressures on current workload. I considered this very carefully prior to signing up for the course by evaluating and re-organising my working week to accommodate this study.
The culture of my current organisation is such that I may never achieve my aim of being considered as a strategic partner which would be a loss to the organisation as it may well be that I would seek to look at other organisations who would offer this element in any vacant post that they may have.

Leadership/Management style: Identified from an exercise of the 360 appraisal I interpreted the need to look at my current leadership style which others felt was possibly too autocratic. By studying this course I will be introduced to different styles of leadership and management which dependant on the situation I can experiment with within my workplace. By adopting different styles within the appropriate situations will make me a better manager and leader.
My current role and the view of other senior colleagues is one that at times requires a predominantly autocratic approach. As I endeavour to look at other styles of management this may bring me into conflict