Developing the Reading and Writing Habit Essay

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Michelle Conklin
Sean Phillips
English Composition ENGL111-73A
February 4, 2014
Literacy Narrative I have a have a hard time with this writing assignment, this is because I don’t have any significant literacy events that has helped or impacted me as a writer or a reader. The reason for this would be because when I was little my parents worked. In middle school I never enjoyed reading so I would find any way around it. Finally in High School I was put in special education classes so I got more into reading, because I understood it better. So I have never really wanted to read or write. When I was little I never really wanted to read because I was more interested in being outside or hanging at the garage with my dad. Bothe of my parents have always worked. My dad would leave the same time as me and come home around eight or nine at night. When he got home he would eat dinner, talk to all the kids, then go to bed to get ready for the next day at work. My mother worked and took care of the four kids, so she was always tired. My two brothers were always getting in to trouble and my sister always worked or was gone. I was on my own to do my homework, which was fine. I would get it done mostly in school, that way when I got home I had time to myself. In my eyes it was ok because I always had good grades. I passed every year just fine. Since I had good grades I never really gave reading or writing any thought or time when I was this young. Then when I got to middle school, I knew I had to pay more attention in English and writing classes because it always took me twice or longer to understand the material that I was learning. Writing was horrible for me to understand and to have a good paper. I still have issues putting word together and not using run-on sentences. I always did my work but it was not until my eight grade year when my teacher talked to my principle and started to get me help. They couldn’t move me in to special education classes until next year, so my teacher would take a little bit more time with me then the other students. This helped me a lot to understand the information a little better. I still did as little as possible to pass all my classes because I still had a hard time learning. I was still more interested